Build your own Bloody Mary Bar Party

Build your own Bloody Mary Bar with your favorite Vodka, cucumber Vodka, Old Bay Vodka and or Tequila

Delicious add ons:

Hot sauces, cucumbers, old bay spice, salt and pepper, celery, olives, pickles, anything pickled in a jar, lemons, limes, shrimp, pepperoni sticks, peppers, Worcestershire Sauce and prepared jarred horse radish (found in the refrigerator isle), and last but not least the Bloody Mary Mix.

Use tall tumblers, have the Bloody Mixes on ice. Everyone can then just help themselves to making their own as to how they like it.

Pour Vodka or Tequila in tall tumbler with ice 1/4 full in tumbler. Fill 3/4 up with Bloody Mary mix. This way you have enough room left for sauces (dash here and there), celery, cucumber, pickles, shrimp.

Serve crackers, cheeses, sliders, breads, chips and dip and you’ll have a Bloody of a time! Enjoy!