“Takes a friend, to make a friend”

It’s a natural thing to crave closeness with other human beings. Friends offer so many good things for our souls. Its the feeling when you go to Grandma’s house with warm hugs. It makes us feel special, wanted and loved. Very soothing for us. My best of friends that I can count on are my husband of course Tom, my Stepson Eric and his Fiancé Monica and my girlfriend since the 6th grade Rhonda.

These friends of mine inspire me, love me, enjoy my silliness, give me a shoulder to lean on and have my back!

Some friends can even be local business owners offering us their services that we can always count on for enjoyment, health, and home improvements. I’m proud to say I am a patient at the award-winning practice of Viechnicki Orthodontics here in Bethlehem, PA. Dr. Viechnicki has not only been practicing for 30 years, but exudes the best “chairside manners” and excellent care for my teeth. Also, the best staff anyone could find!

Or some friends can be far away. Some of my best friends live in sunny Florida at our other home we travel to. It takes to build a friendship, but they are not hard to find if seeking for one. Basking in the sun, boating, dancing under the moon. Yes I have found many friends down south that wants to have fun in the sun!

But I also want to caution you to the worst kinds of friends to stay clear of:

  • Those who are jealous of you
  •  A bully that says things to belittle and excludes you, lies about you to get them to take side
  • Some may only want you to be their emotional crutch to fix there problems, instead of dealing within.

Unfortunately, these kind of people exist! But do not despair, there are plenty of good out there to associate with.

We can choose friends with those we work along side and know as great team players. Or how about your neighbors? Do you offer them a hand in need with shoveling or if they are sick and need groceries, or they will be out of town and help them look out for their property. Sometimes, it is just nice to see each other and have a cup of coffee or glass of wine together. I am blessed to have such friends and neighbors because I choose wisely.

So why not be that kind of friend, to make a friend? If you process these genuine kind qualities, you are bound to live a full and happy life! Always remember “You got a friend in me.”